Frozen (2013)

Anna and Elsa
Elsa and Anna

The last film we analyzed was Frozen, which was released in 2013. Elsa and Anna are both main characters of the film. Elsa has powers that allow her to control ice, among other things. When those powers go out of control, she sequesters herself away in order to protect herself and others. Meanwhile, countrymen blame her for freezing the kingdom, causing Elsa’s sister to search for her so she can clear her name. She meets several men, one who truly does help her, and another who tricks her. In the end, Anna finds Elsa and Elsa learns how to control her power.

Here’s a word cloud to show popular occurring words. Stop words were included (I used English Taporware like before). Once again, I looked for popular words used in reviews. What I found was that one of the most used descriptive words was “power,” showing up twelve times, and variants of it: “powers” (sixteen times), “empowering” (2 times), “powerful” (2 times), and “powerhouse” (1 time). It would seem that reviewers had perceived the sister duo to be strong characters, something usually not attributed to women; as seen in previous films, words attributed to the household were used to describe the characters.

Word cloud of popular words in Frozen

I chose to analyze a few other words that occurred frequently in depth as well, such as “Elsa,” “Anna,” “love,” and “sister.” It would seem that the four words would spike at the same place together, indicating that viewers of the movies associated those words together. In their minds, the story is about two sisters and their love for one another. This demonstrates that Disney has created a story centered on strong females figures.

Correlation between the words “Elsa,” “Anna,” “love,” and “sister”